Our Story


Much like the treats she creates, Lisa Crum started C. Adams Bakery from scratch.

A culmination of passion, dedication, and hard work, C. Adams offers fresh baked, hand crafted products made with high quality ingredients and lots of love.

Besides providing an outstanding product, Lisa also prides herself on the fact that her business represents her family, and the employees are a big part of that. Named after her nephew Connor, C. Adams Bakery functions with the belief that a business is only as good as the people who work for it.  Whether it’s Lisa’s own mother helping customers on a Saturday afternoon or the dedicated bakers crafting with care in the early morning hours, every piece of bakery is prepared and every customer is served with love.

Lisa makes sure that this warmth and kindness extends beyond the bakery itself by working with the community, donating unused product at the end of each day, and trying to be an overall positive force within the city of Milwaukee.

So come on in to C. Adams Bakery and treat yourself to some of the best bakery in town; made from scratch, prepared with love, and guaranteed to satisfy almost any sweet tooth.